3-6 November 2011
Palazzo Sinigaglia
Via Giuseppe Giusti 4

I sell therefore i am. Does the artist exist outside the art market?

3-6 November 2011
Palazzo Sinigaglia, Via Giuseppe Giusti 4, Torino
Metro: Porta Susa, exit corso Bolzano

The first edition of "ANNISSIMA. I sell therefore i am. Does the artist exist outside the art market?" will take place in Turin, from November 3 through to November 6, in Palazzo Sinigaglia, a building which saw, among its inhabitants, Luigi Einaudi, the first President of the Italian Republic.
ANNISSIMA is a contemporary art fair that can be considered as unique, since it exhibits the works of one single artist, Anna Scalfi Eghenter, proposed by one gallerist, Cesare Pietroiusti.
For collectors and enthusiasts, this is an opportunity for a responsible investment, since it involves an observation from within (and an awareness of) the dynamics of the art market.

ANNISSIMA, that takes place on the same days as the Turin Art fair "Artissima", is one step in an adventure that began about two years ago, when the artist Anna Scalfi Eghenter asked another artist, Cesare Pietroiusti, to represent her as her gallerist. The two individuals went on to establish a few rules for their agreement, such as the principle of "inverted exclusivity", according to which the gallerist can represent only one artist, and that of "relative percentage", according to which the gallerist's profit is inversely proportional to his own level of appreciation of the artwork for sale.
In this project as well as in their individual artistic practices, Scalfi and Pietroiusti are looking for ways of playing with the rules of the art market, as well as with those of the economy in general.
In occasion of ANNISSIMA, the artist Anna Scalfi Eghenter, having the opportunity to occupy an entire building that has a relevant history, tries to elaborate artworks, ideas, references and narratives from the artistic and political utopias of the 1960s, but in commercial terms.

Among the proposals of ANNISSIMA is a pre-acquisition of the whole art fair, including all the artworks presented there, and the consequent cancellation of the event.
This special offer is valid only until 24 hours prior to the opening, and it requires confidential negotiations (please email to: ).

Thursday November 3 2011, 4 pm

November 4-6
Hours 12 am - 9 pm, Saturday 12 am - 12 pm, or by appointment
T: +39 342 640 3787

The event has been made possible thanks to the generosity of Giorgio Sinigaglia.