3-6 November 2011
Palazzo Sinigaglia
Via Giuseppe Giusti 4

Behind the façade of Via Giusti 4

Behind the early 20th century Turin palace lies a story. A Piedmontese story, an Italian story. The story of one family: a story many centuries old of the Jewish silk industry, the most renowned in the world. A story of benefactors. A story of persecution. A story of escape. A story of silence and suppression, but also of gratitude. A story never told out loud. Luigi Einaudi, one of the founders of the Italian Republic and the first elected constitutional President also lived in this palace. And his wife recorded in her diaries, as an unwilling witness, the arrest of one of their family members by the Nazis after he took refuge in the Mauriziano Hospital. Despite the discreet elegance of the palace, there are evident signs of ageing, reflecting the ups and downs of the past and indicating the turbulences of our global present. Although Turin is also experiencing hard times, the last member of the family is now considering restoring the palace, and in an interim move aimed at fun and enjoyment he is experimenting with contemporary art and delighted to host the first edition of "Annissima". Making empty spaces available to the artist, Anna Scalfi Eghenter, a new thread is now woven into the story behind this façade.

Giorgio Sinigaglia